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Bringing commonsense solutions to the Commonwealth


Inflation is impacting families in our district and across the country. We need a leader in Harrisburg that will put an end to inflationary spending. Depleting our "rainy day fund" now leads to tax increases later. 


Gas prices are higher now than they've ever been...and they don't have to be! We have an abundance of price reducing energy under our feet. Electing a leader that is not afraid to resume responsible development and growth of the clean natural gas industry is the only way to reduce prices.


We must support those that protect and serve our community by ensuring that our first responders have the training and resources they need to do their jobs. Soft on crime policies only exacerbate the problem and make it harder to recruit new people to the profession.


As a public school teacher, I know firsthand how important it is to provide a meaningful education rooted in math, science, literacy, history, and the arts. As a parent I also understand the importance of giving parents more say in their children's educational opportunities. 


After the COVID shutdowns, the last thing we need is to make it harder for businesses to succeed. The key to allowing businesses in our community to flourish is by lowering the tax rate and cutting through the red tape and regulations that make it harder to restore our local economy.


Why are Democrats AND Republicans Voting for Matt?

Residents of the 20th District are tired of extreme policies that don't represent their views!

Just Look at My Opponents Extreme Voting Record...

Kinkead voted NO for protecting our pets from being killed in cases of burglary or criminal trespass. - Source PA HB 940 (signed into Law 7/8/22)

Kinkead voted NO for protecting elders from sexual abuse by a caretaker in a senior care facility. - Source PA HB 975 (signed into Law 7/8/22)

Kinkead voted NO for making it a first-degree misdemeanor for spitting on a police officer. - Source PA HB 103

Kinkead voted NO for protecting minors or individuals with intellectual disabilities from those that would assist them in committing suicide. - Source PA HB 184

These Common Sense Policies are YES Votes from Matt!

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